7 Proven Part-time Business Ideas to Boost Your Income

Quitting your job to start a new business entails risk, especially if you don’t have a backup plan or sufficient emergency funds for personal financial security.

Try the smart alternative — keep your job and put your entrepreneurial spirit to work in a part-time business.

With the right idea and some hard work, you can significantly add to your monthly income.

Here are seven proven part-time business ideas with considerable earning potential right now.

Sell used goods online

If you enjoy browsing through yard sales and garage sales, this could be an excellent part-time business idea for you.

But you need a sharp eye to find items with a decent resale value from piles of junk. With skill, perseverance, and a bit of luck on the side, you can earn a decent income selling stuff online on eBay and Craigslist.

Start a social media consultancy

With the pandemic pushing everything online, many local businesses are struggling. If you are an ardent user of social media platforms, you can put your skills and experience to good use as a consultant.

Your job will be to help local businesses maintain an online presence and improve their visibility. With the right approach and marketing, you can find long-term clients in this line of work.

Become an online tutor

There is a robust demand for teachers and educators of all disciplines. You can be a tutor for any subject these days, and it doesn’t have to be restricted to high school or college. Spoken English, foreign languages, crafts, beauty tips, cooking photography, finance,  the list of topics is quite long indeed.

Try freelance writing

Do you have a way with the words? Do you enjoy researching new topics online and crafting engaging content?

If yes, a part-time career as a content writer could be right up your alley. Combine your writing skills with knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO) and you can make a decent income creating content for blogs, websites, and social media.

Become a ride-share or delivery driver

Thousands of drivers on platforms like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash are part-timers with other jobs. If you have a car and some driving experience, ride-share or delivery is one of the easiest part-time businesses to start in this digital age.

The work hours are flexible and if you live in an urban area you can earn a steady income.

Start a pet walking or sitting business

If you have a way with  animals you can start a dog-walking business in your locality. People are willing to spend big money on their pets;  in 2020 consumers spent a whopping $103 billion on their pets in the United States alone,  mainly on fur babies such as dogs and cats. There is even a platform, called Rover.com, where you can register and find some adorably furry customers!

Create and sell designs

These days, if you have an interesting design, you can get it printed on merchandise — think T-shirts, mugs, hoodies.

Platforms such as CafePress will take it, put it on the merch, and sell it on your behalf. All you need to do is create the artwork, select a product you want to put it on, and upload the design files. They will handle everything else.