2 Affordable European Cities for Retirement

Most Americans are struggling to retire in the United States financially comfortably and on their own terms.

So, the idea of retiring in Europe may seem impossible to many.

However, there are countries in Europe with an amazingly low cost of living where Americans can retire.

You may need to work at least part-time or own a small business to take advantage of the digital nomad work visa to qualify. Here are two options:

Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia is an Eastern European country that is bordered by Slovenia and Austria to the northwest, Hungary to the northeast, Bosnia-Herzegonia to the southeast, and the Adriatic Sea to the west.

Zagreb is the capital city and has a population of over 800,000. The summers are warm and hot and the winters are cold.

The popular fantasy drama “Game of Thrones” was primarily shot in Croatia, specifically in the city of Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian Coast.

You will find every kind of modern amenity in Croatia. The country also has a modern health care system. Additionally, about half of the population speaks at least basic English.

Unfortunately, Croatia does not have a visa system for retirees. And the country is notorious for its red tape and bureaucracy when it comes to tourists and visitors wanting to reside in the country.

As a retiree, you can pay rent for an entire year on an apartment and live in Croatia. You can also get a “digital nomad” visa if you telecommute or own a business in the United States.

Still, unless you are married to a Croat or are of Croatian heritage, you will have to leave Croatia once your visa expires for a few months and reapply.

It may be worth the hassle if you plan on traveling a lot. The Croatian currency is the euro, but the cost of living is very low. A retired couple could live in Croatia on $20,000 annually.


Montenegro is a Baltic state country that is situated not far from Croatia. In fact, Croatia’s southernmost border, which is a sliver of land, meets the eastern border of Montenegro.

Montenegro is bordered by Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Serbia and Kosovo to the east, Albania to the southeast, and the Adriatic Sea to the west.

This small country has a population of 620,000 and is renowned for its frozen glacial lakes, medieval architecture, scenic mountain ranges, summer tourism, and it has the second-deepest canyon in Europe, the Tara River Canyon.

Montenegro gained independence from Serbia in 2006. It is an ancient city that shows its medieval influence proudly but is also a modern city featuring many modern conveniences as well.

The currency is the euro and the cost of living in the country is low. The cost of living in Montenegro is 45% lower than in the United States. Rent is 70% cheaper than in the United States.

You can live in Montenegro on a digital nomad visa and renew it biannually. You can live here on $2,000 monthly comfortably.