2 European Stocks to Play the Coronavirus Recovery

In a post-coronavirus world, Europe will be a global leader in renewable energy and carbon footprint reduction initiatives. The region has been investing in renewable energy initiatives for decades.

Also, international travel will return — eventually. Most of the European continent will be open for international business earlier than the United States if coronavirus infections don’t uncontrollably spike again.

With that in mind, here are two European companies worthy of investment in preparation of the post-coronavirus world: Amadeus (AMADY), a Spanish travel industry solutions firm, and Kingspan (KGSPY), an Irish construction firm specializing in green-friendly component manufacturing.

Amadeus IT Group

Amadeus IT Group is a globally viable transaction facilitator with multiple subsidiaries servicing the tourism and travel industry. The company processes travel-related transactions through two of its business sections, IT Solutions and Distribution.

This company was founded in Madrid, Spain in 1987 and is headquartered there.

Amadeus acts as an international network facilitator and solution provider for airports, airlines, travel agents, tourism operators, insurance companies, and hotels.

The company provides services such as automated reservation processors, real-time search engines, price comparison algorithms and booking, inventory management, and more.

Amadeus is trading at about $53. In mid-January 2020, a share was worth $87. The share price for Amadeus was reliably strong in the years before the coronavirus pandemic struck.

Of course, the pandemic brought the global tourism industry to a standstill and caused strict international travel and border restrictions.

In a post-coronavirus world, Amadeus likely will resume its status as a global tourism industry transaction solutions leader. That footprint won’t evaporate, even in a pandemic.

French asset management firm Carmignac added Amadeus to its portfolio.

Kingspan Group

Kingspan Group is a construction, composite manufacturer, insulation and building envelope solutions company based in Kingscourt, Ireland. The company was founded in 1965 and does business globally.

Kingspan manufactures resilient insulation panels and building materials, scaffolding facades, ventilation and smoke management systems, renewable and solar technology, flooring, data storage solutions, and more.

Kingspan recently traded around $76. The stock fell to $42 in mid-March due to the pandemic.

Aside from the initial pandemic outbreak, Kingspan shares have risen steadily in value over the past three years.

Kingspan could be a very prudent investment now as the EU preps for the implementation of it Green Deal plan. The company specializes in green insulation, construction materials, and renewable and solar energy components that could prove vital as the EU enacts its plans.

The EU Green deal is a €1 trillion green and renewable energy initiative to make the entire 27-member EU bloc carbon footprint neutral by 2050.

The bloc wants to do this while simultaneously improving air and water quality and overall quality of life standards for Europeans.

The EU knows that the only way to meet its Green Deal objectives is to invest in green insulation and construction materials that will help it lower carbon footprints on a continental scale. Kingspan is likely to be in the mix as a contractor.