3 Simple Hacks That Save Money Without Sacrifice

The heights of happiness that you experience in life is ultimately determined by the quality of your personal attitude.

There is always a good reason to look on the brighter side of life if you set your mind to it.

And sometimes the best things in life can be free or reasonably affordable. And that is OK if you are living on a working-class budget.

Just because you are living life on a fixed budget does not mean that you can’t live a fuller lifestyle.

You can live below your means and above your lifestyle.  Just always remember that money is a tool and mindset that should be used to leverage more options in life.

Here are three ways to live a fuller lifestyle on a small budget.

Start buying generic brand products

Brand name and generic products are made with the exact same ingredients. You can save up to a thousand dollars annually, or more, by strictly buying generic products.

When you buy designer clothes or brand-name food products you are paying for the brand name, not the product.

And when you buy generic products, you are paying for the products and the cost to manufacture them, not the brand name.

Stay fit with YouTube videos instead of the gym

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to maintain a strict fitness lifestyle. Life is not fair when it comes to aesthetics and appearances. The better looking, physically fit, and healthier than you look, the more doors of opportunity you will find open to you.

Staying physically fit is a lifestyle choice since you must exercise regularly to maintain a healthy physique. And for many people maintaining physical fitness can be an expensive lifestyle choice.

The typical cost for annual gym membership fees can be at least $600. And the annual fees at some luxury gyms can be in the thousands.

Also, most gyms make their revenue from procrastinating members. Many gym contracts require a debit or credit card to apply. Then membership is automatically renewed monthly until members directly opt-out.

There is an endless number of YouTube exercise videos, tutorials, and channels that you can use at home for free to maintain your fitness lifestyle.

Always make coffee at home

The average American spends $3 for a cup of coffee. There are actually some people who spend more than $2,000 annually in their favorite coffee shops.

Just get into the habit of brewing coffee at home and buy Thermos mugs for coffee on the go. Subscribe to a coffee subscription service to experience new blends monthly.

Every cup of coffee brewed at home costs less than $0.18 per cup.