4 CVS Shopping Hacks You Must Know About

CVS is renowned for being an affordable place to shop for food, prescription drugs, beauty products, and even last-minute gift items.

Shoppers keep coming back to CVS because coupons are printed on most receipts!

While there are many ways to save at CVS here are four shopping hacks you may not know about.

CVS sometimes accept expired coupons

There is nothing worse than finding expired coupons for products you need and use all of the time. The bane of most couponers is to snag great coupon savings for products they need or use often.

But there is no hope in despair. Before you throw paper coupons or delete any digital coupons that you have, try your luck with them at CVS next time.

Depending on your location and participating CVS outlets, the store’s automated kiosks could scan and accept coupons that are expired anywhere between 48 hours or 14-days.

As long as the machine and your cashier accept the expired coupons, you’re good to go. The only downside is being told “no”.

Add pets to your CVS pharmacy plan

CVS will allow you to add your household pets to ExtraCare Pharmacy and Health Rewards initiative.

Each time that you refill your prescription, you earn a credit. And you can earn $5 for every ten ExtraCare points you earn refilling prescriptions at CVS.

There is a $50 limit per person in your household. So, you can add your dog’s prescriptions to your ExtraCare plan and earn more CVS ExtraCare cash.

CVS accepts unwanted gift cards in exchange for CVS gift cards

Wasting gift cards is literally burning money. Many people put unwanted gift cards in drawers or pockets and forget them. Or they only use a portion of the gift card’s face value and then neglect to use the rest.

According to Consumer Reports, tens of billions of dollars are wasted on unused or forgotten gift cards.

Instead of throwing away those unwanted gift cards, just take them to CVS. CVS will accept your unwanted gift cards and give you CVS gift cards in exchange. Before you get too excited, know that CVS will only give you 50% to 80% of the value of each unwanted gift card toward a CVS gift card.

Return any CVS beauty product under any condition

As long as you have a receipt you can return any CVS makeup or beauty product.

You can even return CVS beauty and makeup products if they are used and already open. Just bring your receipt.

CVS has a “100% satisfaction guaranteed” pledge on all of its beauty and makeup products.

While you won’t get a refund, you can get a similar product at no extra charge.