6 Ways to Make Quick Money Using Your Smartphone

Your smartphone helps you communicate, obtain online information, keep your day organized, and even watch videos and play interactive games.

But it can also become your money-making instrument, if you are ready to use it for some quick and easy tasks to supplement your income.


This is a popular app that will pay you to perform small tasks that hardly take a few minutes to complete, such as daily quick surveys. In many cases, you won’t even feel that it is “work” and you may simply get paid for searching the web, playing games and watching videos.

You can receive free gift cards just by checking out exclusive offers and deals from popular brands. Swagbucks will award you points for each task you complete. You may choose to redeem these points for gift cards or PayPal cash.

Vindale Research

One of the simple ways to make money off your smartphone is to complete paid online surveys. Vindale Research is one of the survey sites with new options every day, which will pay you up to $75 for every survey you complete. It also gives you the opportunity to make additional money by watching videos and providing your feedback.

You can also look for unique Vindale codes on specific websites, which will also earn you extra cash. Vindale makes payments through check or PayPal.


You can get cash back through Ibotta mobile app each time you visit a grocery store for shopping. Make sure to activate the cash back in your app before you check out. Almost all grocery stores are now linked with Ibotta. In addition, the app will also work at Target, Walmart, and other discount stores.

Two categories of cash back offers on Ibotta include brand-specific and non-brand specific offers. The best part is that you do not have to handle paper coupons to make these grocery savings.

Music Xray

Are you a music enthusiast? You could earn cash for listening to new music and providing your ratings and feedback on Music Xray app. At the time of your application, you can provide a list of your preferred bands.

Based on your preferences, Music Xray will suggest bands and songs that you might enjoy. This lets you find out new music and keep expanding your playlist. The app will pay you 10 cents for every new song you listen to. In addition, you could receive free gear from your favorite bands!


If you are ready to perform simple tasks in your local area in exchange for cash, consider using the Gigwalk app. Gigwalkers can make money by visiting local stores to verify prices or clicking photographs of shelf displays in stores to make sure the products are presented nicely.

Tasks may also include things like visiting a public event to ensure that it is held at the designated place and time. In other words, as a gigwalker, you are the eyes and ears of top brands, and you receive payment via PayPal for your work.


Do you have some old/used books, CDs, DVDs, or electronics at home? If you are in need of some quick cash, you could sell these items using Decluttr mobile app. The app will do the barcode scanning to help you sell multiple products quickly.

Decluttr will send you a prepaid shipping label (and shipping supplies if required) for free shipping. Once Decluttr receives your items, they will pay you within a day via PayPal.

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