Get This Hidden Gem Stock Before It Doubles in Price

On October 23rd of this year, I shot a video for whereby I discussed ways to beat the S&P 500 Index by wide margins by investing in stocks of relatively small companies that are growing their revenues and earnings at fast rates.

In today’s video I’m going to discuss one of those companies. 

The company is a designer and developer of minimally invasive products that enable people to reduce body fat and to tighten their skin. The company’s products overcome many of the shortcomings of other aesthetic options by minimizing the risk of scarring, pain and other complications that often accompany surgical procedures. 

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And the company’s products enable medical practitioners to offer fat reduction and other aesthetic procedures at substantially lower costs than traditional plastic surgery methods.

The company has all of the attributes that I discussed in my October 23rd video and, that is, it’s offering new products and services that a large number of people have expressed an interest in.

Secondly, it has very limited competition and is a dominant player in its field of business. 

Thirdly, it’s very strong financially. Fourthly, as I mentioned already, it’s growing its revenues and earnings at rapid rates. 

And, lastly, it’s a relatively unknown company whose stock has been publicly traded for less than three years.

In terms of the company’s strong financial condition, the company’s cash, marketable securities and short-term bank deposits alone, that is, only it’s cash, marketable securities and short-term bank deposits, cover all of the company’s financial obligations, both the short-term and long-term liabilities, by a ratio of 6.2 to 1. 

Bargain price

In terms of its revenues and earnings, the company grew its net income in excess of 90% during each of the past two years on revenue increases in excess of 55%. 

Now, although the company’s revenues and earnings declined during the second quarter of this year — in response to medical facilities not offering non-essential medical procedures due to their focus on treating people with coronavirus — the company returned to growth during the third quarter of this year. That is, during the quarter ended September 30th, with its earnings per share increasing by approximately 40% on a 48% increase in its revenues. 

Looking forward, I expect the company to continue to grow its revenues and earnings at a fast rate during the year ahead and for its stock to double in price within the next 12 months.

With its stock pulling back in line with the overall decline in the overall stock market over the past several days, it now appears to be trading at a very bargain price. In other words, now is an excellent time to invest in this stock with very minimal risk.

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