11 Clear Signs You Will Never Get Rich — and What to Do About Them

We all want to be successful at what we do and become rich. Not many, however, actually manage to do so.

Why do so many people fail at what they do? Why do they struggle to improve their financial situation? Why are they not able to become rich, despite their best efforts?

If you aspire to become rich and successful you might want to know the answers to these questions. Here are 11 surefire signs that should tell you that you are not likely to become rich — unless you are willing to course-correction on these issues.

If you exhibit some or all of these signs it is time to recognize where you are headed and take firm steps turn your life around. Focus on eliminating your bad financial habits, and the good habits will automatically follow.

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A smart investor should be prepared for anything. That’s why David Frazier created the Bulletproof Wealth Report. This comprehensive investment service is everything you will need to survive and thrive in the looming meltdown. In other words: It’s how anyone can make their portfolio bulletproof. It’s a mix of fast-growing, leading companies that are the engine of American prosperity. To that he adds a healthy dose of “insurance policies” i.e. stocks and funds that benefit when the next recession strikes. The future favors the prepared. You can be prepared. Not only that — you can profit.
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Cryptocurrency Will Shine Through the Coming Chaos

While the U.S. spends and spends and spends its way into oblivion, the eventual result will be inflation. Serious inflation. The dollar will crash, gold will shoot higher and Bitcoin, well, it can only become more scarce and more valuable. There’s a natural ceiling to the number of Bitcoins that will exist — ever. By design, there can only be 21 million of them. Soon, the ceiling will be hit. Now is the moment to get into cryptocurrency. There’s a been a rise of late, but prices are consolidating, setting up for the next leap higher. Grab Keene Little's widely followed cryptocurrency newsletter, Crypto Wealth Protocol completely risk free.
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