5 Reasons Part-Time Work in Retirement Is Good for You

Some people say that retirement is not the end of a road but only the beginning of a new journey in life on a highway.

However, if you aren’t careful with your life decisions before you enter elderly age, retirement may become a road to nowhere for you.

The typical American retires by the age of 65. Meanwhile, the average person today lives to 78.

If your retirement fund is only calculated to last 15 or 20 years and you outlive it, then you may have to reenter the job market in your late 80s.

Consult with a financial advisor to develop your retirement fund and future life plans. Don’t wait until after you’ve retired to realize you are unprepared for retirement.

Here are five reasons why you should consider work part-time in retirement — for your wallet and your well-being


Your vocation is indelibly connected to your personality and identity as a human being. Suddenly coming to a full-stop in life and doing nothing after a lifetime of work can be psychically traumatic.

Financial need

The typical Social Security payment is $1,500 monthly or $18,000 annually. And about 40% of Americans receive their income solely from Social Security.

It may not be a bad idea to have more income in your post-career years.


Many people think retirement is an excuse to relax at home and do nothing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Consider working part-time to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Medical bills

The typical retired couple will need as much as $400,000 to pay for their medical expenses throughout the entirety of their retirement.

It doesn’t matter how healthy you are, the older that you become, the more likely you will develop disease or ailment. Working part-time can help you to mitigate the medical costs related to getting older.

New life challenges

There is always something new to learn in life. Work part-time in retirement to acquire new work skills and keep up social contacts.