MLP Oil Transport Funds Can Bring Needed Income to Your Portfolio

For investors seeking higher yields in a dismal low interest rate environment, master limited partnerships (MLPs) of midstream energy companies are one viable alternative. These MLPs are involved in the business of transporting oil, primarily though pipelines, as well as storing and processing various other commodities related to the production of petroleum or for the […]

Rich Democrat Thinks a Wealth Tax Would Be a Disaster

Larry Summers, former Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton and the former director of Obama’s National Economic Council, thinks the wealth tax proposed by some progressive Democrats will backfire. With such close ties to the Democratic Party, and being a Democrat himself, it is surprising to hear Summers come out against the wealth tax plans touted by progressive […]

PayPal CFO: This Means “the Death Of Cash”

John Rainey, the chief financial officer of payment processor PayPal, recently gave an interview where he heralded the death of cash. “We’ve been talking about this phenomenon or trend for years now, and it’s here,” he said. “We experience it today.” Rainey lists two considerations that back up his argument. The first is that many payments […]

6 Crucial Steps to Take If You’re Over 60 and Don’t Have Enough to Retire

Some Americans nearing retirement are facing a harsh reality. They haven’t saved nearly enough for retirement and must now decide how to address the looming shortfall. The following is a list of suggestions for helping those nearing retirement to increase the amount of disposable income necessary to insure they don’t outlive their projected income stream. […]

Hedge Fund Giant Ray Dalio Sees Repeat of Great Depression Dead Ahead

Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world. When Dalio speaks, people tend to listen. So it came as a shock when before the IMF and World Bank annual meetings in Washington D.C., Dalio proclaimed that the global economy was already slowing dramatically.  “This cycle is fading, we are […]