Why Popeyes Ran Out of Chicken Sandwiches, Despite a Glut of Chicken Meat

Pop culture crazes are nothing new in the United States. Becoming unreasonably, though temporarily, obsessed with a zeitgeist influencing moment is almost akin to a psychological fashion in this country. In 2016, Americans were enthralled by the Pokémon Go mobile game. Now we have the fevered Popeyes chicken sandwich mania of summer 2019. On August 12, […]

Saudi Prince Has Half-Trillion-Dollar Plan to Create Sci-Fi City in the Desert

Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi prince implicated in the death of government critic Jamal Khashoggi, wants to portray himself as an innovative developer who will transform the barren, inhospitable stretches of northwestern Arabian desert bordering Egypt and Jordan. MBS, as he’s known, has been publicly talking about creating a futuristic city to be called Neom. It […]

5 Businesses You Can Launch for the Cost of a New Smartphone

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration it can cost up to $5,000 to start a small, home-based business. Such costs are contingent on the need for inventory, supplies, and other related costs. However, if you have a natural talent with controlling animals, bookkeeping, planning social event, or physical fitness, your startup costs could be […]

Why the ‘A’ Students End Up Working for the ‘C’ Students

Do essentially unintelligent people benefit from inherited wealth? Are they destined to succeed while smart people who lack money fall behind? That’s the case, according to a joint study published in May 2019 by researchers at the University of Virginia and Stanford University. Researchers found that people born into wealth are confident, believe they are […]