Economist Who Warned of Housing Crash: ‘We Are Already In a Recession’

A growing number of economists are predicting a recession next year. And then there is Gary Shilling. Shilling believes that the United States economy is currently in a recession. He has accurately predicted past recessions. Most notably, Shilling repeatedly sounded the alarm over subprime loans. These loans led directly to the housing bubble bursting in 2008 and subsequently […]

What? Walmart Wants To Deliver Groceries To Your Refrigerator?

Walmart, the country’s largest grocer, has announced a new delivery service that aims to best its rivals. The new service, called, Walmart InHome, will deliver groceries straight to the customer’s refrigerator. Walmart plans to offer the service in the fall in Kansas City, Mo., Pittsburgh and Vero Beach, Fla. The company has not yet announced […]

Can the Millennials Spend America Into a Permanent Economic Expansion?

As the longest running economic expansion since the 1850s continues, many wonder how long the good times can last. Do economic factors support continued growth, or will the decade-long good times come to an end? Some believe that Federal Reserve monetary policy could paper over any risk of an immediate recession. Then, rising spending among […]

Warren Buffett’s Favorite Stock ‘Yardstick’ Predicts Dark Turn Ahead

Felder: Taking a 60% risk for a potential 0% return Margin rates highest since the Roaring ’20s Fed rate cut postponed as recession calls heat up The “Buffett Yardstick“ is what veteran money manager Jesse Felder calls it. It plots the total value of the stock market against the overall size of the economy. Warren Buffet has […]