Robots Will Take 52 Million Americans Jobs. Here’s What Will Happen.

A new research report compiled by the Brooking Institution reveals that innovative automation technologies are set to replace millions of American jobs. In fact, more than 52 million American jobs in almost every strata of industry will experience partial to full automation in coming decades. This news is not that surprising. What is revealing in the […]

This Metal Has Roared 70% In Value and Surpassed Even Gold

A European move away from polluting diesel has increased demand for catalytic converters, which use palladium. There are only a few palladium mines in the world, constricting supply. The global trend toward electric cars should reduce demand, but that could be years away. A rare metal, a vital component in the production of catalytic converters, […]

Why Renting vs. Owning in Retirement Might Be Better

Most retirees live on fixed incomes and have limited savings, so renting vs. owning in retirement is a real debate. Home ownership and maintenance, especially during the retirement years, can be mentally, physically, and financially exhausting. Retirees who own a home are essentially tying themselves down to one location for the foreseeable future. Retirees are […]