New Cars Spy On Us Non-Stop. What Can You Do About It?

Most 21st century cars are turning into larger, drivable forms of the smartphone. Sounds unlikely? Think about the in-vehicle infotainment system. An infotainment system is a dashboard mounted hardware and software system that provides information, audio and entertainment services. A car’s infotainment system can act as a GPS device, make hands-free calls, connect to your […]

Before We Lock Down Again: Coronavirus Emergency Kit Essentials

COVID-19, the newest strain of the coronavirus, has killed more than 120,000 Americans and infected 2.3 million of us. Facts and common-sense strategies are the only way to combat coronavirus panic and the spread of misinformation regarding how to deal with it. The COVID-19 outbreak, now officially a pandemic, is increasingly likely to get worse […]

The Rich Are Different. Just Check Out What’s In Their Crazy Houses.

About 10 million American homes feature an inground pool. For many Americans, installing a pool is the closest equivalent of an extravagant home feature — a sign that you “made it” in America. Yet a pool is probably the least interesting feature in a celebrity home. Some have backyard mini-mansions, experimental sinks, and mattresses that […]

7 Ways of Living and Working That May Never Return Because of COVID-19

It’s hard to underestimate how radically the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the societal, cultural, and economic norms of the planet. Almost 42 million Americans have been forcibly unemployed in just weeks. Almost overnight, almost every country in the world began encouraging its citizens to wear face masks. What many people may not appreciate is how […]