This Metal Has Roared 70% In Value and Surpassed Even Gold

A European move away from polluting diesel has increased demand for catalytic converters, which use palladium. There are only a few palladium mines in the world, constricting supply. The global trend toward electric cars should reduce demand, but that could be years away. A rare metal, a vital component in the production of catalytic converters, […]

Is Gold the Worst Investment Ever? Here Are 8 Reasons Why

Gold promoters often cite inflation’s steady rise after the United States abandoned the gold standard in 1971. Yet is gold the worst investment ever? Quite possibly. The U.S. dollar no longer being backed by gold became a reason to invest in the real thing — gold itself. Warren Buffett, a stock picker who hates gold, says […]

The Marriage of Gold and Crypto: A Match Made in Investment Heaven?

One the of the world’s largest gold-producing companies is working with blockchain to stabilize virtual currency trading and, in time, to monetize the value of billions in currently stored gold. The company, Vancouver’s Goldcorp, will back cryptocurrency transactions with physical gold held in an vault at the Royal Mint in Ottawa. As an initial step, […]